Who We Are

New perspectives

Ethix was founded in 2003 with a clear vocation: to offer a wider, more innovative approach to the issues of intelligence and corporate risk management.

Boasting international experience and a portfolio of collaborations with some of the world’s biggest firms, we at Ethix have successfully transferred an outstanding methodology and first rate professionalism to the Italian context, establishing ourselves as an intelligence “boutique”.

Today Ethix remains – by choice of its founders – a company that works with artisan logic, a strategy which allows us to apply passion, dedication, scrupulous accuracy and great human sensitivity to each and every case we handle. This ensures that we build lasting relationships with our clients, based on trust, respect and mutual esteem.

Our mission To serve leaders, managers, professionals and individuals, supporting them in the management of complex issues, using effective intelligence strategies, carried out according to the highest professional and ethical standards.

Sabrina Vai

With a degree in Law from the Catholic University of Milan, Sabrina Vai practised law for around two years before transferring to the investigative sector. In 2012 she completed a course in Family Mediation at the GeA (Genitori Ancora) Association in Milan. She has been a founding shareholder and administrator of Ethix since May 2003. She holds a prefectural license [u1] for both civil and criminal litigation. Before embarking on her entrepreneurial experience, she held the position of Senior Research Director and Case Manager for the Italian subsidiary of a multinational Intelligence and Risk Management firm, Decision Strategies Fairfax International. Prior to this, she held the same position in an Italian company in the same sector. She has gathered significant experience over the years, coordinating national and international surveys and collaborating with some of the most prestigious companies in the world.

 [u1]in italiano “licenza prefettizia”: la preghiamo di verificare se la nostra traduzione è corretta.